Your time is irreplaceable. This makes your convenience our top priority. For service and maintenance appointments, simply request Genesis Service Valet, and we'll come to your location of choice to pick up your vehicle and also provide you a Genesis loaner to use in the meantime. Complimentary Service Valet for the first 3 years that is effortless, at every turn.

Keep Your Genesis Maintained on Your Schedule, With the Help of Valet Service from Tuttle-Click!

You have a busy schedule and your appointments are important to keep, be it a meeting, Zumba class or picking up the kids from school. In the midst of all these activities, keeping your Genesis model maintained might be in the back of your mind. However, we here at Tuttle-Click Genesis want to offer you an alternative to bringing your car in for scheduled service: let us come to you instead with the complimentary service valet! 

How Does It Work?

Every new Genesis membership has a three-year subscription to the Service Valet program, which allows you to schedule your car to be picked up for its maintenance appointment at the destination and time of your choosing. Simply schedule the services you need and your pickup time all through your computer or the mobile app available on your smartphone and let us here at Tuttle-Click take care of the rest. You'll be left with a loaner vehicle, for your continued convenience, and can choose when and where your Genesis model will be returned. Best of all, the Schedule Valet service is complementarity for the first three years you own your Genesis G80 or G90 or the first 36,000 miles you drive it, whichever comes first!

Our Service Center is Here for You!

You could take your Genesis in to your average service garage, but you won't have the same amount of convenience, nor will you have a guarantee that the parts they use in fixing your Genesis model are even compatible. With the service center here at Tuttle-Click Genesis, your Genesis model will be in good hands with our factory-trained technicians. They are expertly-trained to handle virtually any repair or maintenance job on your Genesis, from rudimentary oil changes to more intricate engine repairs, if necessary. Many basic maintenance repairs are covered by your complimentary scheduled service provision for all Genesis owners, meaning certain services such as oil changes and filter replacements are complimentary for three months or 36,000 miles. Our technicians only use authentic Genesis parts for the most quality assurance.

Schedule a Service, Your Way!

When your Genesis is in need of maintenance, don't wait, schedule a service online or through the mobile app and get your car picked up by our Service Valet. This is just one of the many things that the Genesis Experience has to offer and, here at Tuttle-Click Genesis, we're all about bringing the Genesis Experience to the people of Irvine. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to give our dealership a call at (888) 457-1152. See you soon!



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