Genesis takes a new route to luxury. Advanced technology includes complimentary map updates to your vehicle's navigation system for three years, to ensure you're always accessing the most up-to-date mapping. Updates include major road/infrastructure additions and enhancements, plus new points of interests, addresses, extended lanes and more. Updates are available annually as part of your routine maintenance visit.

How to Update and Maintain Your Navigation System with Ease, Here in Irvine, CA!


The navigation and multimedia systems are an integral part of the Genesis sedan models and come standard on each Genesis model in our new inventory here at Tuttle-Click Genesis. When it comes to the navigation system in your Genesis sedan, you might not know this, but the system must be updated every once in a while. As with any smartphone or tablet, the navigation system must be updated so it can always stay up-to-date with any and all changes to the landscape around you, including new roads, new obstacles in your morning route, or even new landmarks. Once a new navigation and multimedia system update is released, you can download it for free within the first three years you own your Genesis sedan. This update can be installed one of three ways: during your complimentary scheduled maintenance appointment, you can download and install it, or you can order an SD card with the update.

How Do I install the Update Myself?

While the Genesis brand does have detailed instructions on how to install the navigation update on the Genesis G80 sedan, these updating steps are designed solely for the Genesis G80 Standard Navigation System. If you have Premium Navigation, through your Genesis G80 or Genesis G90, we recommend that you request it installed during your next scheduled service appointment. Your Genesis sedan comes with a three-year subscription to complimentary Scheduled Maintenance with a complimentary Service Valet who will pick up your Genesis sedan at a predetermined location of your choosing and drop it off at that location upon completion of your service appointment. If you still have your complimentary scheduled maintenance subscription, then the navigation system update will be of no additional cost to you. 

We're Here to Help!

If you would like us to install your navigation system update for you, then simply schedule a service appointment and let our service technicians know that you would like this task completed. Once you fill out the form online and create an account, one of our service technicians will be in touch via your preferred method of contact to confirm your appointment and, if necessary, the pickup for your Service Valet. Our service center is located on-site at our dealership at 38 Auto Center Drive in Irvine, CA and we can also be reached over the phone at (888) 457-1152. See you soon!