Save time and effort with the exclusive Genesis Intelligence App. Remotely start your Genesis, access your service and maintenance information, lock or unlock your vehicle from your smartphone, search for points of interest and send them to your vehicle, and even sync your calendar events for helpful reminders that can prompt you when it's time to leave. Download today.

Android: click here to download
Apple iOS: click here to download

Having a connection at all times is the standard in our modern world. At our fingertips with multiple devices we can get the information we need, stay in touch, share, explore and much more. When it comes to luxury vehicle ownership, having that connection through your devices and with your vehicle gives you added benefits and thrills when driving as you know you're always connected to your vehicle even when you're not there. That's exactly what you get with the Genesis Intelligent Assistant, which offers a multitude of services for you.

When you download the Genesis Intelligent Assistant app on iOS or Android, you'll find a plethora of different features available, as the app and its services are provided to you complimentary for three years with your new Genesis vehicle purchase from showrooms like ours. What you'll find is that with the app, you can do many things, including:

  • Syncing your app with your calendar so that you will receive notifications of events you need to be at, along with directions if there is an address provided in your calendar event so you are always organized and on time
  • You will be able to start your engine remotely on your Genesis via the Intelligent Assistant app, along with climate control for air conditioning and heating, and locking and unlocking your doors all from your smartphone
  • Drivers with the Genesis Intelligent Assistant app can access monthly vehicle reports which provide updates on your vehicle health, along with the ability to schedule service at our dealership right from the app
  • You can find places of interest and send directions and destinations right to the navigation system with one tap from your phone to your Genesis vehicle

If you'd like to learn more, our team would be happy to provide you with all the details, answer any questions you might have, and discuss all the benefits of the Genesis Intelligent Assistant here at Tuttle-Click Genesis with you soon.