The Genesis of Excellence: the Story of the Genesis Brand

From concept to reality, the genesis of excellence is realized in every single Genesis model. What started as a concept vehicle by Hyundai in 2007 has blossomed into the height of luxury. In 2008, the Hyundai Genesis debuted, and took the Irving roads and premium sports sedan market by storm.

Adding a graceful, sleek, and refined model to the Hyundai lineup, the Genesis continued to impress into its second generation in 2013. However, the thirst for attainable luxury was clear, and Hyundai acted to quench it. In November of 2015, Genesis Motors was born. Now with two thrilling models, the Genesis lineup continues to thrill and satisfy drivers on every road.

The Genesis G90 brings advanced safety to every trip, using technology to monitor vehicles and pedestrians in your path and blind spot. It can also help you maintain safe driving through alerts and corrective action. While the Genesis G90 keeps you safe, you'll be sitting in first class comfort thanks to ergonomically designed seats, a rear seat entertainment system, and interior sound insulation. All while powering up to 420 horsepower from the available TAU 5.0 GDI V8 engine.

The Genesis G80 sparks confidence with its advanced safety features, nine airbags, and advanced high-strength steel construction. As you sit in the driver's seat, you'll enjoy the intuitively designed command center, allowing you to control your vehicle with ease. Enjoy premium passenger comforts like heated and ventilated front seats, and heated rear seats, as you cruise with 311 standard horsepower.


How about we add an edge? The Genesis G80 Sport does just that, with a more aggressive design ready to dominate. Paired with a 3.3-liter GDI Twin-Turbo V6 engine with 365 horsepower, the Genesis G80 Sport continues to thrill.

The story of Genesis is the story of a dream come into fruition. From the initial concept design to the current leader in luxury, Genesis models put control of the road firmly into your hands. Discover Genesis for yourself by arranging for a test drive at Tuttle-Click Genesis today.

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