Genesis Vehicles vs. The Competition


For those of you branching out into the market for a new luxury vehicle for the first time, we at Tuttle Click Genesis understand that it can seem like a stressful situation and a daunting task going from dealership to dealership and website to website searching for that perfect luxury car with the right features and specs for the right price. But, we also want to make your dealership experience as easy and stress-free as possible. In the spirit of that desire, we want to help you with that first and all-important decision.

So, we have taken the liberty to compare our elegant luxury vehicles, the Genesis G80 and the Genesis G90, against several examples of the competition on several matters. These include matters of performance, interior quality, and safety along with a comparison of overall costs. We hope to save you time in not only seeing the superior differences in Genesis vehicles, but also in finding that perfect new luxury vehicle.

Yes, Genesis is a younger luxury brand, but through these comparisons, it's clear that age means nothing as we display the Genesis G80 and G90's superior differences over the longer-standing competition.

The competition our Genesis has been compared to includes Buicks, Cadillacs, Mercedes-Benz, and BMWs. Feel free to peruse each different comparisons to the different brands and see the superior differences in the Genesis G80 and G90 for yourself: 

  • Genesis vs. Buick Comparisons  
  • Genesis vs. Cadillac Comparisons  
  • Genesis vs. Mercedes-Benz Comparisons  
  • Genesis vs. BMW Comparisons  

Discover the Genesis Vehicle's Superior Differences Today


Once you have browsed through our comparisons and see the superior specs and features found in Genesis Luxury Vehicles, visit our dealership for a test drive with either Genesis G80 and the Genesis G90 today, and experience the overall superior atmosphere and driving experience for yourself. We proudly serve the present and future Genesis drivers of Irvine, CA. If you have any further questions regarding our current inventory, please feel free to reach out to us directly either by email or over the phone for more information.