See How the Genesis Brand Compares to Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz espouses that you get “the best or nothing” when you drive one of their luxury vehicles. But what’s the cost of doing that? And what defines “best”? Here at Tuttle-Click Genesis, we’re not here to question the validity of Mercedes-Benz’s pursuit of perfection. We dare say, Mercedes-Benz makes high-quality vehicles that are luxurious, powerful, and well-equipped. But so does Genesis.

The Opportunity Cost of Pursuing Perfection: The Price You Pay

There’s a concept in basic economics called opportunity cost with which you may already be familiar. It asks, essentially, what are you giving up by taking a particular action? For example, if you spend over $52,000 on a Mercedes-Benz E-Class or $89,900 on a Mercedes-Benz S Class versus $41,750 on a new Genesis G80 or $68,350 on a Genesis G90, respectively, what are you giving up? These two Genesis models offer so much of what competitors like the E-Class and S-Class can offer you, but for much less money – money that could potentially be better spend in so many other ways. In fact, brand cachet aside, you may just find the Genesis models to offer you even more than what either Mercedes-Benz can.

Compare Genesis Models

Curious about how main models from these two brands stack up to one another objectively in key areas like safety, technology, performance, and more? Compare the Genesis G80 to its main competitors to see all the many ways it excels. Interested primarily in the larger Genesis sedan? Compare the G90 to its competition and see what this new luxury sedan has to offer you.

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